Welcome to YBC Brokerage:

Thank you for your interest in listing your vessel for sale with YBC. Our experienced and dedicated team will do everything possible to ensure your satisfaction in concluding a prompt, successful sale

How Brokerage Works with YBC:

YBC Yacht Brokers work hard to facilitate the sale of their listings and to protect and promote the interest of their clients. A commission, based on a percentage of the end price, is charged when the vessel is sold. That amount will be set in writing when the seller signs a listing agreement with YBC.  If the vessel is listed on an exclusive/sole listing basis with YBC and another brokerage company brings a buyer to the table, the total commission will be shared between the brokers.

The YBC Broker's Role for the Seller:

* Determining a fair asking price - To achieve a timely sale, it is essential to ask a fair price. Your YBC broker can help establish fair-market value via details of actual boats sold in the same or similar make, model, age and condition as your boat, plus access to data from NADA & BUC, the "blue books" in the marine industry.

* Preparing an Advertising Strategy - Your YBC broker will outline a plan of how your vessel will be advertised in the most appropriate media. The broker's objective is to devise a strategy with the best chances of reaching the most interested and qualified audience for your boat, both locally and in other regions and countries.

* Preparing the listing for the Public - Your YBC broker will prepare the listing for distribution in various electronic and print media, for print and email distribution to clients and other brokers. Firstly, sellers who have listed their boat for sale with YBC will see their listing on this YBC website.

* Pre-sale Preparations - Your YBC broker can advise you of any small improvements that you can consider making to compete in today's competitive market. He will also assist in identifying any problems and solutions and help organise upgrades/repairs if requested by you.

* Professional Know-How - Your YBC broker understands the principals of the brokerage profession, such as certificates of ownership, bills of sale and other documents needed to register and transfer titles to boats. He also understands Listing Agreements, Offer to Purchase Agreements, Purchase Contracts, deposit requirements and how to obtain clear title if the boat is mortgaged at the time of a sale.

* Sea Trial and Survey - The buyer will usually request a sea trial and the services of a marine surveyor. Buyers pay for the haul-out and surveyor's inspection. Your YBC broker can attend the sea trial and survey and help you determine how discovered deficiencies (if any), should be addressed in the purchase negotiations.

* Negotiating The Sale - Your YBC broker can use his position as a middleman to keep the negotiations between you and the buyer moving to a successful conclusion and try to achieve the best possible selling price.

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