Facts & Maps for Langkawi, Malaysia and surrounding region.

Malaysia is a multi-ethnic and multi-religious country in Southeast Asia and one of the wealthiest and most developed countries in the region. A former British colony from the late 1780s to 1946, Malaysia gained its independence in 1957. The democratically elected government is closely modeled after the British Westminster parliamentary system.

Total Population: 25.5 million.  Capital: Kuala Lumpur (Metropolitan population 6.9 million).
Ethnic Groups: Malay 50%, Chinese 24%, Indigenous 11.0%, Indian 7% and others 7%.
Languages: Malay, Cantonese, Hokkien, Mandarin Chinese,  Tamil. English is widely spoken.
Religions: Islam (60%), Buddhism (20%), Christianity (10%), Hinduism (6%),Confucianism (2.6%), Animism (1%), others (including Taoism, Sikhism, Baha'i faith).
 Literacy:  A high 94%.
Economy: The country experienced an economic boom and underwent rapid development in the late 1900s and today is rich in minerals, oils, petroleum, natural gas, manufacturing and tourism.
Currency: Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) in units of 100 cents = 1 MYR (conversions on other pages)
At 1, 482 feet, the Petronas Twin Towers (seen at right) are the tallest twin buildings in the world.

 Langkawi: is situated in the north-west of Malaysia, next
 to the border of Thailand. One of the charter options is to
 spend several days sailing to some islands in Thai waters.

 The Langkawi charter base is a 30 minute scenic drive from
 the airport. The island is easily accessed by direct flights
 of less than 2 hours from Kuala Lumpur and Singapore,
 where international flights land each day.

 If travelling by land within Malaysia, there are  ferries  that do
 the 25 mile, 1 hour trip, several times every day from Kuala
 Perlis and Kuala  Kedah, or a 60 mile 3 hour journey from
 Penang. Also ferries from Satun, Thailand  take only 1 hour,
 several times a day,  for the 25 mile trip.
 Population: The small population of 55,000 people enjoy
 living and working at a leisurely pace on this laidback island.


 Entry Visas are not required by tourists from most countries,
 for a stay of up to 90 days. Passports should have minimum
 of six months remaining, before date of expiry.

Weather: The North-East wind season, from November to April, is mostly fine and clear.
The South-West season, May to October, has occasional rain between long sunny periods.
Temperatures: Highs 30c (85F). Lows 24c (75F)   Tidal Range: varies from 2 - 3 metres.
Royal Langkawi Yacht Club Position:
Latitude 6.30.35N  Longitude: 99.85.17E
At just 390 miles north of the Equator, Langkawi is within a relatively settled weather belt.
There are NO TROPICAL STORMS/CYCLONES or HURRICANES at any time of year.

 Safety: The Langkawi area is known as an extremely safe destination on both land and
 water. There has never been an incident of piracy in surrounding regions in modern times.
 Being part of the Andaman Sea, which is regularly patrolled by the Navy, Coast Guard
 and Water Police, it should not be confused with occasional trouble spots in the South
 China Sea and Sulu Sea, over 2,000 miles away, between Borneo and the Philippines.
Base Facilities: Showers/toilets Bars/restaurants   Pool/sauna Telephones Internet
Nearby are: Supermarket Shopping mall Bakery Banks & ATM   Market Car rental
Water and electricity are available on the berths at the base, also WI-FI for laptops/internet.
Transfers: Between the airport and base can be arranged after the charter booking is made.
Provisioning: Either do your own or complete a shopping list in advance & staff buy for you.
Features: Langkawi is a Duty Free island. There are no taxes on buying/selling/chartering a yacht. All goods, including vehicles, alcohol, cigarettes and electronics are totally duty free. Also, there are fabulous beaches, fine hotels, great shopping, excellent restaurants and bars. There are no traffic jams, no road rage, next to no crime rate and very friendly, helpful locals.
All this adds up to the perfect paradise -  to buy or charter a yacht and go sailing in the sun.
Langkawi to Phuket: There are 100's of islands, bays/lagoons with crystal clear water,
full of tropical fish and beautiful coral, plus many deserted beaches with clean white sand.
The cruising area of 6,000 square miles has many secluded anchorages to choose from. Having so many pristine, uncluttered destinations to explore and safe waters to navigate all year long, it certainly makes this one of the most idyllic cruising grounds on the planet.
Whether your interest is finding a yacht to buy or charter, this is the place to enjoy sailing