DESTINATIONS: The 6,000 sq miles of cruising grounds has numerous destinations.
Below is just a sampling of where you can sail on either a crewed yacht or bareboat.

Langkawi: is the largest of the 99 islands that make up the local cruising area. Coupled with beautiful sandy beaches, lush
jungle foliage and craggy mountain peaks, the island has been called Malaysia's best-kept secret. Langkawi is renowned for its island hopping amid fantastic tropical scenery. Although there are some 5-star resorts and fabulous duty-free shopping, it is truly a place to escape and get away from it all.
     The destination of sailing around Langkawi Island is great for people who want to a combination of sailing, snorkeling, dining at a big selection of restaurants, exploring, shopping/relaxing.
For full details/maps and suggested 7 day itinerary - click here.

Southern Thailand: The border with Thailand is only 2 miles
north of Langkawi. The cruising area extends about 24 miles into Thai waters, which requires entry stamps that can be arranged on your behalf at your cost.    (SCROLL DOWN)>>>
     It's then possible to sail to the southern Thai islands of the Butang group where you can scuba dive and visit Turatao, the spectacular island of rugged mountains, waterfalls, beaches.
     If chartering for one week we recommended to stay within Malaysian waters, but for those on a longer visit, a 14 day charter, including several days in Thailand is well worthwhile.
For full details/maps + suggested 14 day itinerary - click here.

Langkawi to Phuket, Thailand: This destination is ideal for
people who wish to enjoy a lot of open water sailing and keep
on the move with their travel adventures. The exciting one-way charter can be between 10 and 14 days, starting in Langkawi,
Malaysia and finishing in famous Phuket, Thailand.
   All Immigration & Customs procedure is done on your behalf
and you're then able to stop off at a variety of fabulous islands
as you leisurely sail the overall distance of about 230 n/miles.
Many of the islands such as Ko Lanta and Ko Phi Phi (P.P)
have great bars/restaurants + shops to top-up your provisions.
Full details/maps and suggested 10 - 14 day itinerary is here.