F.A.Q  (Frequently Asked Questions) on chartering a yacht .

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     1.  How can I book a charter yacht?
Are there minimum periods for booking a charter?
     3How are the charter rates calculated?
4.  What are the start and finish times of a charter?
5 . How much baggage can we bring?
6.  What special items do we need on the yacht?
How do we go about buying provisions?
8.  What kind of food and provisions are available?

9.  Are there any restaurants or shops on the islands?
10.  Do we need any previous sailing experience?
 11.  How far do we sail from the coast or islands?
12.  What safety and navigation gear is on board?
13.  Are there many other tourists or charter yachts?
14.  Can we learn something of Malaysian and Thai culture?
15.  What water activities are available?
16.  Where does the yacht stop each night for sleeping?
  Will there be other groups aboard the yacht?
  18.  Can you recommend any good hotels?
19.  Are transfers available from airport to the charter base?
 20.  Is it possible to rent a vehicle?

     1.(Q)  How can I book a charter yacht?
         Firstly decide if you want a bareboat - with no captain or provisions, for which you need to have an
         experienced skipper in your group  - or choose a crewed yacht with options for engaging crew. Then
         select the yacht to suit your number of people and the charter rate you prefer to pay. Finally, go to
         "Charter Booking" page and enter your choice of  two yachts if possible, so we can check availability.    

     2.(Q)  Are there minimum periods for booking a charter?
The minimum period is a week, which you really require to enjoy the many features of this great area.
        Most people are keen to also experience sailing in Thailand and book for at least 14 days, or do a
        one way charter for 10 -14 days of wonderful sailing via many islands which finishes in Phuket.
        For full details and suggested charter destinations see the "Itineraries" page on this web site.

      3.(Q)  How are the charter rates calculated?                                                               back to top
        The rates are different for every yacht, depending on their size, inclusions, and if it's a crewed yacht or
        bareboat. Rates are then calculated on a total price per boat basis for 7 days, 10 days or 14 days.
        plus any optional crew or equipment if applicable. Additional days can be booked on a pro rata basis.

     4.(Q)  What are the start and finish times of a charter?
Start is 1600 hrs (4.00pm) on arrival day. Finish is 0900 hrs (9.00am) on the last day.
        Please Note:
1 week (7 day) charter =  7 nights/8 days.
      10 day charter = 10 nights/11 days.   2 weeks (14 day) charter = 14 nights/15 days.
       Example of 1 week (7 day) charter:   Day#1....January 1, charter starts 1600 hrs.
      After 7 nights of charter...morning of Day#8....January 8, charter finishes 0900 hrs.

     5. (Q)  How much baggage can we bring?
         For the yacht you only need very light clothing and soft soled shoes for island walks, which can
         usually fit into one large "zip-up" carry bag per person. Big, hard suit cases should not be used.

    6.(Q)  What special items do we need on the yacht?                                                  back to top
        Sun hat/glasses, suntan oil, two swimsuits, camera, film, personal toiletries, cell phone, beach towel,
        (bath towels are supplied), maybe your mp3 or Walkman, (There are CD players on all boats).

    7.(Q) How do we go about buying provisions?
After your boat is booked we will send you a priced order form & complete e-guide to provisioning, which
         can be completed at your leisure and returned before your charter. We will then do the provisioning for
         you and have everything stowed away on board on your day of arrival. ..OR...if you prefer, you can do it
         yourself after you arrive. Most clients like us to do the provisioning so they can start the charter relaxed.

    8.(Q)  What kind of food and provisions are available?
A huge variety of popular International brand name products, together with local produce is available from
        a wide range of supermarkets, food stalls, shops, day or night markets or use our service as above.
        There are ingredients for all kinds of Western and Asian foods, including plenty of fresh seafood and Thai
        or Malay specialty foods. Being a duty free island, all provisions, including alcohol are extremely cheap.

    9.(Q) Are there any restaurants or shops on the islands?                                           back to top
       Yes, several islands have small and interesting local style shops, restaurants and bars. It's a nice idea
       to sail to these in between sailing to uninhabited islands for a nice balance of things to do and see.
       You have the option of making your own sail plans or going with the suggestions on the "Itineraries" page.

  10.(Q) Do we need any previous sailing experience?
       Not if on a crewed yacht with a Skipper. Your experienced crew will do all the sailing if you wish, while you
       just relax and enjoy the sunshine and scenery. However, you are welcome to join in as much as you like
       and learn to sail/navigate. For bareboats YES. A  member of the charter party must have suitable practical
       experience of coastal sailing and navigation to match the size and type of yacht to be chartered.

   11.(Q) How far do we sail from the coast or islands?                            
Usually from 2 to 10 miles, depending on the route, which is determined by the number of days for the
        charter. All sail plans and intineraries are in protected waters, within sight of the mainland or islands.

   12.(Q) What safety and navigation gear is on board?                                                  back to top    
        Everything as required by law on a charter yacht, including life-raft, dinghy, plus adult size and junior
        size life jackets for all persons on board. Also GPS navigation, radio, depth sounder and chart plotter.

   13.(Q) Do we see many tourists or other charter yachts?
        No. Our charter sailing area of 6,000 square miles has so many islands, bays, lagoons and pristine
        deserted beaches that you will see very few tourists or other charter yachts.

   14.(Q) Can we learn something of Malay and Thai culture?
        Yes, there are many opportunities to learn something of the language, customs and culture through
        visits to local villages, sea gypsy fishing islands and mixing with these extremely friendly people.

   15.(Q) What water activities are available?                                                                back to top
        Swimming/snorkeling in crystal clear coral waters. Exploring "hongs" by dinghy. (Hongs are lagoons
        inside limestone caves, reached only by a dinghy or kayak). Depending on the yacht, there is fun for
        all ages on a variety of water toys, including snorkeling gear and the option of kayaks. Beach water-
        sports are also available as an option, including water skiing, para-sailing, wind surfing and jet skis.
        Scuba diving is also available as an option from dive operators on several islands.

   16.(Q) Where does the yacht stop each night for sleeping?
        That depends on your location and itinerary, but before sunset the yacht will be either securely
        anchored in one of the many protected bays, or berthed in a marina to ensure a good nights rest.

   17.(Q)  Will there be other groups aboard the yacht?
        No, except for the Captain and/or Cook on a crewed yacht, your yacht is totally private and only for
        you and your guests. Bareboat charterers also have exclusive and private use of their own yacht.

   18.(Q) Can you recommend any good hotels?                                                           back to top
        Yes, we can supply details of many hotels available on Langkawi and Phuket, depending on your
        budget and accommodation requirements. Let us know when you make your charter booking if you
        require a hotel before or after the charter and we'll be happy to assist.

   19.(Q) Are transfers available to and from the airport to the charter base?
Yes. Part of the charter booking procedure is to discuss your flight plans and requirements for transfers.

   20.(Q) Is it possible to rent a vehicle?
Yes. Modern automatic or manual hire cars can be rented very cheaply upon showing a driver's license.
        There are also many taxis of varying sizes for hire inexpensively on a per trip, or per hour basis.

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